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Flags - Signal and Nautical Flags

Alphabet Signal Flag Chart
Alphabet Flag Chart
Full selection of nautical signal flags for
the English alphabet. High visibility flags
used to signal ship to ship or ship to shore.

Signal flags, pennants and repeaters
Pennants and Repeaters

Nautical signal pennants and repeaters

see our flag office flags
Flag Officer's Flags
Identify which boats carry officials with officer flags from ETP.


Racing Class Flags

420 class flag
420 Class Flag
laser class flag
Laser Class Flag
Sunfish Class Flag
Sunfish Class Flag
flying scot flag
Flying Scot Flag

Safety Flag
Safety Flag


To Order Racing Class Flags: Click Size below And advise on the specifications you wish to have on your custom class flag.

Buy NowCF24 – Class Flag 24” x 24” (any color flag, any color emblem and any class) - $55.00 each

Buy NowCF34 – Class Flag 34” x 37” (any color flag, any color emblem and any class) - $60.00 each

click here for race committee flags
Race Committee Flags
ETP is your source for Yacht Committee
Racing Flags and Accessories.

selection of starter flags
Starting Flags
Red, Green and Black official race starting flags.