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All of our inflatable race marks (race buoy) are constructed using heavyduty vinyl-coated nylon fabrics.These marks are easy to inflate, use, deflate and store. Each mark is inflation tested before shipment and carries a one year warranty. The click for race mark accessorieslarger marks are equipped with a pressure relief valve to prevent over inflation.

A storage bag is provided for all marks except the 2 1/2 footers. Standard colors are orange and yellow however, other colors are available through special order (red, white and green). Custom sizes, logos, names, clear pockets, or sponsors' advertisements are all possible options.

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Tetrahedron Racing Mark - tetra racemark

Tetrahedron Marks(click to buy online)
We have been making tetrahedron race marks since 1982. Now, just as then, we want to produce a yacht racing mark (buoy) that requires no counter weight and that can be towed easily. Thousands of these race marks have been produced over the years and the "Tetras" continue to be the mark of choice with most users. They are available in 8', 5 1/2', and 2 1/2' heights (2.4m, 1.65m, or .75m).



tomato race mark, cylinder race marks5 ft. Cyliner Race Mark

Tomato Marks and Cylinders Marks(click to buy online)
From time to time, we have been asked to produce either cylinders or balls for use either in extreme sea conditions or as starting line buoys for yacht races. Both of these shapes are available. The ball mark or "tomato", as we all call it, is a great mark. It has a double bottom into which steel shot can be poured, if needed. Otherwise, it requires no external counterweight. It has two anchor points on the bottom, so that a bridle can be used to keep the mark from spinning. The tomato mark (buoy) is available in a 5' height (1.5m).


We build cylinder marks, however they are a custom item. A 5' height(1.5m) is standard, although we will build them to any size. For more information please e-mail or call us at

Triathlon Marker Buoys: Buy Now
Triathlon Marks
Used in Triathlon Racing, these buoys are 18 inch diameter by 16 feet long cylinders.
Inflatable Triathlon Race Buoy;. Cylinder Shape; 18 inch diameter by 16 feet long. This marker does not require a counter weight. Buoy has ten anchor points on the ends and bottom for stability on the race course and to allow multiple tubes to be connected to one another.
$485.00 Please call. 1-800-222-8277 or Order Online Buy Now

New From ETP
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Checkered Flag 4 foot
Race Mark

Race Mark Accessories

Product Product # Description Price  
Race Mark pump Pump 12 Volt Inflator /Deflator Pump Air Pump for easy inflation. $82.00 Buy Now
race mark patch kit PKRM-Or Patch Kit/ Race Mark - Orange Traditional Patch Kit
“WARNING: the HH-66 glue is considered to be a hazardous material and will substantially increase the shipping cost. Please feel free to contact an ETP sales representative with further questions”
$24.50 Buy Now
PKRM-Ye Patch Kit/ Race Mark- Yellow Traditional Patch Kit See Warning Above
$24.50 Buy Now
race mark release valve KPOC Pressure Release Valve - This is the standard cap for all 'RC' Marks. $20.85
Buy Now
replacement O-rings KOR O-Ring 912-101B - This O-Ring is used for the Pressure relief valve. $1.00 Buy Now
coin groove cap KCC Coin groove Cap - This cap is used to close the external weight pocket on a Tomato mark. $9.60 Buy Now
dump valve o-ring Kdvor Dump Valve O Ring - This is the rubber O ring used to maintain the air tight seal on the in Dump Valve $2.00 Buy Now
Yacht race mark bags RMB-Or Race Mark Bags Storage Bag. Orange. $19.50 Buy Now
RMB-Ye Race Mark Bags Storage Bag. Yellow. $19.50 Buy Now
course change black band BBCC Black Band For Course Change - Bands Are Specifically Designed to Fit 5.5 ft. or 8 ft tetrahedron Marks $35.00 Buy Now
Letter Painted on Racemarks   Charge for adding painted letters to racemark $18.50 Buy Now
Handle Patch Kit   Racemark Handle Patch Kit 2lbs $30.75 Buy Now
Dump Valve Retofit Kit   Dump Valve Retrofit Kit 3lbs $76.50 Buy Now
Dump Valve   Included on mark $59.00 Buy Now

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