Bio-Gas Collection Cover
Bio-Gas Cover

Bio-Gas Collection Covers are Floating Covers for the collection of waste gases for controlling odors and preventing of escaping gases, some which can be collected for energy purposes and also to prevent greenhouse gases.

• A skirt on all four sides of the bio-gas collection cover which eliminates the need to tie the collection system to the berm.

• A modular design which allows for multiple units to be used together. By making each cover in a size that is not too large for easy handling, costly installation crews can be eliminated.

• The XR-5 cover is a proven material for bio-gas collection. It is strong, tough and it is highly resistant to bio-gases. Its low gas permeability makes it ideal for the collection of bio-gases and for use as a float cover material.

• Poly log floats are used to float the cover and to form passageways for the collection of the bio-gas. These floats are in sealed sleeves of the XR-5 material, and are permanently fastened to the underside of the cover at the time of installation.

• Rainwater drainage is provided by the use of thru-cover drains. By extending the drains to the same depth as the skirts, gas loss is prevented. They also function as a pressure relief device in the event the cover ever has excessive pressure under it.

• Bio-gas collection is provided by the gas pick up points which allow the gas to move to the manifold. These pick up points are welded to the cover using the same technology used to weld the seams.

• The bio-gas collection cover’s unique design allows it to act as a gas storage container at times of peak production, and will level out the gas production/demand cycle.

• The tie-down points are provided around the cover’s perimeter to allow for easy installation and placement.
All metals used are stainless steel.

• Covers are custom made and can be almost any size.