ETP Alternate Daily Landfill Covers

ETP’s standard or custom fabricated alternate daily landfill covers are the best choice. Why? ETP gives the landfill operator a choice of landfill cover products, sizes, service, product life, and costs designed to meet the landfill operator’s needs.

Daily Landfill Cover

ETP’s standard and custom fabricated landfill covers are produced from woven and coasted woven fabrics that exhibit a range of durability, toughness, and water repellence. It meets varying needs of cover weight, useful life, and cost effectiveness.

Our covers replace more expensive soil covers while protecting your active cell. With ETP’s standard and custom daily landfill cover there is no need to surrender precious space or time to daily closure operations. Easy to install and remove, the ETP daily cover aids the landfill operators in the most efficient operation of the landfill.

Standard ETP daily landfill covers are ready for shipment within five working days after receipt of order and credit release. The standard ETP daily landfill covers are available in 50 by 50 by 100 feet sizes.

Daily Landfill Physical Properties

Material Specifcations

Since no two daily landfill covering requirements are exactly alike, ETP builds custom fabricated covers from a variety of materials. Custom fabricated covers are shipped promptly (normally ten working days from receipt of order and credit release).

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