Custom Geomembrane Liners and Custom Pond liners

pond geomembrane linersETP’s geomembrane liners are suitable for a pond, lagoon, reservoir, canal, pit, landfill or tank. ETP can fabricate a primary geomembrane to contain the fluid or dry waste you want to control. We also make Secondary containment liners, which are your second line of defense and are made to control almost any contained substance. Our gemembrane liners and pond liners are fabricated to your specification and used for several environmental applications.  

Geomembrane Liners

geomembrane line installGeomembranes are industrial fabrics engineered and manufactured to protect our environment by preventing whatever material that covers them to penetrate to the ground. ETP fabricates geomembrane liners which can cover, enclose, separate, or protect the environment from toxins and environmental hazards. Our linings applications include primary or secondary containment for environmental applications.




30, 36 and 45 mil Pond Liners

most often used in the water storage market as well as in chemical containment. 

Fish Hatchery Pond Liners

Fish Hatchery Liners eliminate seepage, reduce costs on construction and make it possible to have ponds anywhere. 

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agriculural pond berm erosion linerAquaculture Pond Berm Erosion Control Liners – Prevent erosion of pond breeding/rearing areas.



(See GE Nuclear Case Study) Industrial Grade Pond Liner- suitable applications for industrial grade pond liners include recreational lakes, decorative ponds, water conveyance, reservoirs, oil reserve pits, and caps and geomembrane liner for solid waste landfills and sanitary landfills. 

XR-3 Pond Liners – used for moderate chemical resistance requirement applications such as storm water and domestic wastewater. 

XR-5 Pond Liners – XR5 is an extremely tough woven composite fabric of polyester fibers that has been molecularly coated with sophisticated compounds that are minimally degradable in adverse environments. 


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Geomembrane installation
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Other Terms

  • Pond Liner
  • Aeration Basin Liner
  • Settling Pond Liner
  • Storm Water Basin Liner
  • Surge Basin Liner
  • Containment Liner


  • Municipal Waste Water
  • Industrial Waste Water
  • Industrial Process Water
  • Acids
  • Caustics
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Storm Water Run-off


  • PVC
  • XR-5
  • XR-3
  • R-PPE