Polyurethane Flexible Membrane Liners

Secondary Containment Applications

In the petroleum business, underground and above-ground fuel storage tanks number in the hundreds of thousands. State regulations and insurance requirements are demanding that every one of those tanks be surrounded by a second container. With the recommended system in many cases being a flexible membrane excavation liner which is relatively low in cost, independent of the main containment and able to withstand much of the ground movement which can cause rigid containers to leak I the first place. And the same is true for the miles of piping that lead to and from these underground storage sites.

Throughout industry, the above and below ground storage of process chemicals, maintenance supplies, bulk chemicals, fertilizers and other “hazardous” substances are also under mandate to be contained with both a primary and back-up systems… and POLYURETHANE flexible membrane liners are doing the job up and beyond the standards set.

POLYURETHANE is a flexible membrane liner primarily designed for secondary containment of fuel. POLYURETHANE is extremely flexible, puncture resistant and provides unusually good heat sealing characteristics. POLYURETHANE is protected from ultraviolet degradation as well as the effect of underground fungi. POLYURETHANE is strong and hydrolytically stable for years of service in underground fuel and chemical.


Base Fabric Type Nylon Nylon
Base Fabric Weight (nominal) 13.0 oz/yd² 441 g/m²
Coating Type Polyester based Polyurethane Polyester based Polyurethane
Finished Coated Weight
32 oz/yd²

± 2 oz/yd²

1085 g/m²

± 70 g/m²

35 mil (nominal) 0.89 mm (nominal
Grab Tensile
1000/1000 lbf (min) 4450/4450 N (min
Strip Tensile
ASTM D751 Procedure B
600/600 lbf/in (min) 526/526 daN/5 cm (min)
ASTM D751 Dielectric Weld
50 lbf/in (min) 45 daN/5 cm (min)
Hydrostatic Resistance
ASTM D751 Procedure A
1500 psi (min) 10.3 MPa (min)
Bursting Strength
ASTM D 751 (Ball Tip)
1200 lbf (min) 5340 N (min)
Low Temperature
ASTM D2136
1/8 in mandrel, 4hr
Pass @ -50ºF
3.2 mm mandrel, 4 hr
Pass @ -46ºC
Dead Load
2 inch Seam, 4 hr, 1inch strip

250 lbf @ Room Temp

125 lbf @ 160ºF

5 cm Seam, 4 hr, 2.5 cm strip

1113 N @ Room Temp

556 N @ 71ºC

Abrasion Resistance
ASTM D3389
H-22 wheel/1000g load
10,000 cycles minimum
before fabric exposure
10,000 cycles minimum
before fabric exposure
ASTM D814 (Fuel B)
0.05 fl. oz/ft²/24 hr (max) 15.9 mL/m²/24 hr (max)