Clearwell Baffle Curtains – Improving Water Treatment Tank Performance

suspended baffle curtain

ETP’s Suspended Baffle Curtains are specifically designed to improve flow patterns in circular and rectangular tanks, both concrete & steel structures.. Flow diversion patterns include flow under, flow over, flow around and flow through configurations to match your treatment requirements. The factory prefabricated systems install quickly and easily with standardized mounting hardware in new and existing tanks. ETP’s Water Tank Baffles provide a dependable, low maintenance alternative to costly concrete, steel, wood or fiberglass baffles.

Benefits you will receive from the Channel Master:

  • Direct Water Flow for Improved Efficiency
  • Minimized Short Circuiting
  • Prevention of Channeling
  • Longer Contact Time
  • Improved Mixing
  • Increased Retention Time
  • Little loss of tank volume
  • Low Maintenance

Custom fabricated baffle curtains for your tank.

The Suspended Baffle Curtains are custom manufactured from NSF 61 approved for contact with potable water materials to fit the profile of your new or existing water treatment tank. Heavy duty reinforced geomembrane materials combined with stainless steel or optional FRP hardware provide a durable, maintenance free service life of up to 20 years. All fabricated seams are Thermal welded to provide a bond that is just as strong as the parent material – inferior sewn seams are not allowed.

Each Suspended Baffle is custom built to fit your tank and anchored to the tank walls, floor, and ceiling to prevent short circuiting, provide greater contact time and optimize the retention time. Hydraulic flow can be directed through windows in the baffle curtain, or around the end of the baffle. Cells and Grids can be created using bolt through “T” connecting battens making the Baffle Curtain System design flexible so that the most efficient flow pattern may be achieved to suit your particular requirements.

We believe you will receive superior performance and value with ETP’s Channel Master suspended floating baffle curtain system. Our quality approach has attracted customers ranging from the small municipalities to the fortune 500 corporations.

Engineered Textile Products has led the industry in manufacturing the highest quality suspended baffles for potable water applications for over 20 years. Call us for more information.

Improving Water Treatment Tank Performance

The Suspended Baffle Curtain is a prefabricated baffle curtain. It is designed to create beneficial flow patterns, improved chlorine contact time, improved retention time, and improved setting time in your water or wastewater treatment applications.

suspended baffle curtain

Concrete Structures Specification

8130 XR-3-PW Fabric Wall Specification For Concrete

Steel Structures Specifications

8130 XR-3-PW Fabric Wall Specification For Steel


Other Terms 

  • Clearwell Curtain
  • Retention Curtain
  • Mixing Curtain
  • Chlorine Contact Curtain
  • Wastewater


  • Process Water
  • Chlorine
  • Ammonia
  • Ferric Acid
  • Potable Water


  • Vinyl
  • XR-5
  • XR-3
  • R-ppe
  • XR-5 PW
  • XR-3 PW
  • R-PPE PW

What do suspended baffle curtains do?

Suspended baffle curtains can be used in storage tanks for specific purposes related to the tank’s function. These curtains serve various functions in storage tanks, depending on the industry and the contents of the tank:

  1. Liquid Level Control: In some storage tanks, especially those holding liquids, suspended baffle curtains can help control the distribution of the liquid within the tank. By strategically placing baffles, you can prevent sloshing, reduce turbulence, and ensure that the liquid level remains relatively stable, which can be important for process control and preventing spills.

  2. Mixing and Agitation: Baffle curtains can be used to improve the mixing or agitation of the tank’s contents. By directing the flow of liquid or suspensions, baffles can help ensure that the tank’s contents are thoroughly mixed, which is crucial in various industrial processes.

  3. Solids Suspension: In tanks that contain solids suspended in a liquid (e.g., in wastewater treatment or chemical processing), baffle curtains can help keep the solids evenly suspended, preventing settling or clumping.

  4. Reduction of Dead Zones: In large storage tanks, there can be areas where the contents remain relatively stagnant, leading to the buildup of sediments or other unwanted substances. Baffle curtains can be strategically placed to reduce these dead zones and improve the overall efficiency and maintenance of the tank.

  5. Preventing Wave Action: In tanks containing liquids with significant wave action, such as due to wind or agitation, baffle curtains can help dampen wave energy and reduce the potential for splashing or spillage.

  6. Temperature Control: In tanks where temperature control is critical, baffle curtains can help distribute heating or cooling evenly throughout the tank, ensuring uniform temperature conditions.