ETP’s floating baffle curtain is a custom, prefabricated, floating, hydraulic, barrier curtain, manufactured to create individual “cells” in an existing pond. This allows existing aerators to be used more efficiently, improve retention and settling time, and eliminate “short circuiting” in your wastewater treatment pond. (See Also our Turbidity Curtains).


Monroeville Baffle Curtain


Baffle Curatin at Conoco Philips


CMG Baffle Curtain


The Benefits you will Receive from the Floating Baffle Curtain:

  • Increased Retention Time 
  • Minimized Short Circuiting
  • Prevention of Channeling
  • Longer Contact Time
  • Improved Mixing
  • Direct Water Flow For Improved Efficiency


ETP’s floating baffle curtain offers an inexpensive solution to your current pond problem. By installing ETP’s floating baffle curtain, an older pond can work more efficiently. Every bit of surface area can be used without the loss of any volume.



ETP’s baffle curtain is manufactured using only high-quality fabrics. The fabrication of our floating baffle curtain is accomplished with a thermal sealing process which eliminates the need for sewn seams that deteriorate over time. ETP’s baffle curtain is fabricated to fit your specific needs, including curves and various bottom contours. Flaps and other special features can be built in. Special materials can be used, depending on the chemical resistance desired. One curtain adjustment is the floating filter curtain, which uses an absorbent geotextile to capture or contain silt in a pond.

Hardware Examples
Anchor Detail
Anchor Detail
Anchoring Hardware
Anchoring Hardware

Designed to be easy to install and can be put into operation rapidly without costly equipment or expensive labor charges. The floating and flexible design allows ETP’s baffle curtain to adjust to changes in fluid levels.

Baffle Curtain Drawing

Floating Filters – Turbidity Curtains

Floating Filter Curtain

These floating filters or turbidity curtains are specifically designed to contain silt and turbidity in ponds.

Other terms

  • Diversion Curtain
  • Floating Barrier
  • Retention Curtain
  • Aeration Pond Curtain
  • Floating Boom
  • Sedimentation Baffle Curtain
  • Trash Boom
  • Turbidity Curtain

Additional Applications

  • Industrial Wastewater
  • Municipal Wastewater
  • Process Water
  • Raw Potable Water
  • Acids
  • Caustics
  • Hydrocarbons

Baffle Curtain Materials

  • PVC
  • Vinyl
  • XR-5
  • XR-3
  • R-PPE

Please print and send us the below form (you can download here) for your Baffle Curtain specifications.

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