ETP Cistern Liners

ETP Cistern Liners are precision made to fit you exact cistern dimensions, including inlet and outlet connections. They are fabricated out of heavy duty geomembrane material and will last.





Cistern Liner Install
Happy Dave - Cistern Liner installed

Happy Dave – Cistern Liner installed

Benefits of ETP’s Flexible cistern liners:

  • Simple Fastening Mechanisms
  • Will fit into a 24 inch hole or opening
  • Custom Built to Your Specifications
  • One Piece Construction
  • Flexible, will not crack like concrete.
  • Long Lasting, Low maintenance
  • UV Resistance
  • NSF 61 Approved With Potable Water
  • Quick delivery, Easy Installation.

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Another Successful Installation

“Finally got liner installed and everything fit perfect!! Unrolled liner lengthways and slid down into cistern (my brother was down inside and just pulled to far end. We then unfolded until bottom was in right place and hardest part was getting the first overflow pipe slipped over, but once that was holding side up then just proceeded to lift and mount sides around till complete….now just need some rain to fill it up. Thanks again for all your help and feel free to have any potential customers call me if they want a reference!”

Cistern Liners – Custom Fabricated

Cistern liners are custom manufactured in square, rectangular, and round shapes.
Below are other successful installations and pictures.

40,000 gallon cistern liner
40,000 gallon cistern
Cistern Liners - showing Flat Bar used for support
Note Hanging Bar
Topside of a cistern liner
Getting Liner into cistern
pulling liner into place
Using the grommets and J-hooks as the fastening mechanism

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